Reading Conference Tweets

Today is the first day of the 2011 Esri International User Conference. Since I’m not able to be there, I’ll be keeping up with the chatter on twitter from those who are there.

There was a tweetup last night (#esriUCtu) at which @gletham and @Merrick_Geo attended, among others.

@johnjreiser is apparently promising lots of snarky esriUC tweets.

@geoparadigm is there and excited about the spatial outlet (wonder if my book is there?!)

@EsriUC is the official Esri twitter account covering the conference.

@dbouwman will probably have a lot to say. If you are at the conference, you should check out Dave’s BackChannel website to participate in the unofficial photo scavenger hunt.

There are definitely others on twitter who are attending. If you’ve got other good twitter folks that you follow who are covering the conference, please let us know! You can search for the hashtag #esriUC also.

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