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UPDATE: Cartographer’s Toolkit is now back up and ready for purchase!

I’m a little late to the party, but the University of Toronto journal Cartographica reviewed Cartographer’s Toolkit last year. You can read the two page review here. For the most part, the reviewer enjoyed the book and felt it is a useful tool for cartographers. “The overall quality of this book is superb,” for example.

There are a few typos in the book. Toolkit is spelled “Toolkitt” on the top of a few pages and my name is spelled incorrectly in one of the map captions. We are working on getting this corrected and out to the printer as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may see a 1-2 day delay message on the Amazon website and if you are ordering from another retailer or directly from Ingram, you may experience a few days delay as well. Rest assured, we are working on this just as quickly as possible on our end to get back up and running with the typos fixed. Thank you for your patience on this matter.

If you’re just dying to get your hands on the content, you can get the e-books for the first two chapters (not the third chapter, which is print only). Just use the link in the left-hand sidebar of this blog.

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A VerySpatial Podcast Interview

Note: From time to time old posts are resurfaced on the blog. This one, from July 2012, references my interview with Jesse Rouse of the VerySpatial Podcast crew, covering the content of and inspiration behind my book: Cartographer’s Toolkit. You should also check out Frank’s Esri User Conference Plenary live blog, I’ve got it in the cue to read on the treadmill tonight.


My recent interview with Jesse Rouse on the VerySpatial Podcast, starting at about minute 8:

Alternatively, click over to VerySpatial to hear it.


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30% off Cartography E-books

****So sorry everyone. The date was put in wrong for the discount the first time around. It’s been fixed now and you should be able to enter in the code and have it work. Because of my error, I’ve even added an extra day, so this code will work until 6/27/2013.****

The e-books “Colors For Maps” and “Type For Maps” are on sale for 30% off. Use discount code Colors20. This sale ends in 24 hours.

To order, go to the booklet page. It will ask for a discount code as you go through the checkout process.

The e-books are mostly equivalent to the first 2 of 3 chapters in Cartographer’s Toolkit, which is print-only.


Cartographer’s Toolkit: A Review

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Google Checkout Reviews for the Ebooks

I’ve been rummaging around the Google Merchant site lately as part of the yearly tax information gathering process and I came across this snapshot of the reviews that people have given on their Colors For Maps and/or Type For Maps transactions. Now, not everyone pays through Google Checkout – PayPal is an option too – and not everyone who pays through Google Checkout leaves a review. But here’s what the snapshot looks like…I’m pleased to say that it reports a 4.8 out of 5 stars:

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E-Books: Now Accepting Purchase Orders

I am now accepting purchase orders for the e-books Type For Maps and Colors For Maps.

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