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Slow Carto


It’s okay to work slowly. Thoroughly. Tangentially. Thoughtfully.

Faced with programming problems that seem to need immediate solving, cartographic deadlines, and server configuration conundrums, what motivates is usually the end-goal: the map product to be served up to the customers. Needing to get to that goal as quickly as possible isn’t everyone’s hang-up but it is mine, and might be yours too.

Giving oneself permission to pour a cup of tea, listen to slow music, and simply explore the issue for an hour or even a day provides such a richness, a broadness, of education, that it could be likened to the learning experiences absorbed when vacationing abroad rather than close to home.


Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time. -Voltaire



Map credit:  Regional Food from  Capital Country Villages , by illustrator Tiffanie Brown



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