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Geogit Bit


Geogit is a tool made just for me. Despite my best intentions, there are times when data file names get the best of me. These times are lamentable because when the inevitable moment arrives when I have to comb through a series of files in order to find the one that is the most correct or the most current, I’ll find something like this:


Or worse. Maybe later on down the line, during that complex interpolation project last year, I decided that this analytical method was sub-optimum and went with natural neighbor instead. So then there’s a series of “natural_neighbor” prefixed datasets in the same vein to sort through. After a year goes by it’s hard to know which one was the end result. Which one had the fewest errors. Which one is the most authoritative.

And with multi-person teams things get more complex. Maybe the intern added 5,000 septic system points to the wrong database and you don’t have an easy way to undo it.

Enter geogit.




It has more benefits than solving the above problems but these are the ones that hit home to me the most at this, the beginning stages of my geogit learning journey.

Hey, guess what? I started a new position this week at Boundless. I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of such a great team. Learning about geogit is one of the first things I get to do. I can’t complain.



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