Big Data (Articles) Everywhere

A little while ago I wrote about how demand for GIS analysts may be on the rise (Demand for GIS Analysts on the Rise?). It referenced a report from the McKinsey Institute called Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. Here are a few more articles that are referencing that report:

The Age of Big Data – New York Times
Big data is likened to a microscope. We can now see things that we couldn’t before – such as how political beliefs spread.

Data scientist: the hot new gig in tech – CNN Money
This article notes that there’s a course at Stanford on data mining that five years ago had 20 students but that most recently had 120 students. It also notes that there are now blogs about big data as well as a data scientist summit.

Big Data prep: 5 things IT should do now – PC Advisor
This article points out that big data refers to more than just the structured data that organizations collect for specific purposes. Indeed, big data is also about the data that is now available via social networks and other means, which the organization isn’t collecting itself, but which could have implications for how the organization does business if people know how to harness it and what to use it for.

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