New Public Maps in Stavanger

A cartography company called Stavanger Guide Maps Norway, headed by Kevin-Paul Scarrott, is the genius behind a series of 10 maps that have recently been placed in 10 locations around Stavanger, Norway.

According to Scarrott’s post on CartoTalk: “The idea behind the project is to encourage local citizens and incoming travellers to utilise the maps and information as a gateway for various regional activities and for onward travel. The Cruise ship travellers seem to appreciate the map of the Norwegian coastline, enabling them not only to see where they are heading for, but also where they’ve come from! (it’s one of the oldest travel conundrums: ‘I’ve been there, but I don’t know where it is!’)”

Scarrott’s obviously been very busy since launching Stavanger Maps last year (see my previous post on this here). I’m happy to see that the firm is doing well. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you to Scarrott for providing some great inspiration.

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    #Geomatikk #Stavanger RT @PetersonGIS: Beautiful maps on public display: New Public Maps in Stavenger

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    New Public Maps in Stavanger

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