Tuesday Random Roundup


A few things to explore in the world of geo today:

  • Brian Timoney does it again over on his MapBrief blog in The Delusional Job Ad That Reveals What’s Wrong With GIS. In this post, Timoney points out the futility, and downright ridiculousness, of a recent job ad for a senior GIS person who would be required to be everything to all people. It’s a great critique along with some great visuals. A must read. Going along with that same line of thinking, is a passage from a book I was just reading called The Dream, in which author Gurbaksh Chahal states, “A lot of people look for perfection right out of the gate, and I think this is a big mistake. Nothing is perfect, so for me it’s really about the future and about whether I think the candidate and I are a good fit.” 
  • There’s a new do-it-yourself globe download and tutorial by graphic designer Joachim Robert. Check it out:
  • If you have a copy of Cartographer’s Toolkit and would like to write a review of it on its Amazon page, I’d be very grateful. Since it is a small-press publication it’s going to need all the reviews it can get. Thank you!
  • The 2012 Esri Map Book is available and definitely worth a flip-through. Some of the cartography maps are a bit disappointing. Most don’t have the kind of WOW factor I’m looking for these days. Oh, they are all examples of good cartography, to be sure, just not that kind of totally amazing &&*%#O$ that you want to buy and put on your wall.

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