Most Visited Posts In 2012

Well, all the other bloggers are doing it, so here’s my most visited posts from 2012 list, as determined via Google Analytics stats. Some of the posts are from years prior to 2012, but were still very popular in 2012.

1. Toblerone’s First Law this one is a play on the geo-principle “Tobler’s First Law”, and has to do with chocolate, which I truly believe is one of the top things a blogger should blog about if they want a lot of traffic. People tend to search for articles about chocolate. A lot.

2. Halo’s are Evil a post that states why cartographers hate halos around text and, most importantly, backs up the assertion with instructive and illustrative examples.

3. Foray’s into Typographic Mapping here I’ve described what type maps are, and shared some of the tips and tricks I learned when trying to create my own.

4. What You Need To Know To Be A Cartographer in 2012 this is where I introduce the idea that cartographers now need to have some software development knowledge in their toolbelt. If I recall correctly, there was a lot of discussion on twitter about this post.

5. Making and Using the Colors for Maps Booklet it was nice to see this post make the list. It happens to be linked to from the main e-book buying page, so I assume that is where a lot of the hits come from. I’ve just checked the stats and it looks like 207 of these have sold to date. Sales have slowed, as was to be expected, now that the print-book is available, but there are always those who prefer the e version. For those thinking about writing their own books, you might be interested to know that the print version has sold about 63* times this amount and it has only been available for less than half a year. Of course, the print book benefits from Amazon’s search engine, whereas the e-books are only available via this site. I’m extremely happy with the sales of both the e-books and the print book, given the small niche market that is GIS and cartography. The best part, for me, is that based on feedback I’ve gotten, the products really seem to be helping people do better work. Goal accomplished.

There were more than 13,000 unique visitors this year! Thank you for reading! Can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

*edited because I screwed up the math originally.

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