Last of 2012


For the last post here of 2012 I’m going to give a shout-out to a tool that I use from time to time: Identifont.

What’s up for PetersonGIS in 2013?

  • I plan to use a coworking space beginning in January. I’ve already met someone there who does climate change research. Since I did some analysis and modeling for CSU’s climate change model a few years ago, this is obviously an interesting topic for me. I hope to meet a lot of other great people there and increase my creative output with the change of scenery.
  • My editor wants me to start writing and designing a new edition of GIS Cartography: A Guide to Effective Map Design because the book is doing well and is widely used in cartography courses and GIS departments across the country. The “design” part of it comes in developing interactive content for a digital version. While I think it is a great idea, I’m not sure I’ll do it. Writing a book is extremely time-intensive and the rewards aren’t always commensurate with that. Jury still out.
  • One client is back up and running toward a goal that was paused a year ago. I’ll be helping him with some intense data research and data overlay techniques to combine certain datasets into a workable solution for his product. That’s about all I can say about it but it will be fun and interesting.
  • Another client has come back for some design work that I’m excited about. It’s a small project but it involves picking colors and fonts, so it is just the kind of cartography I like.
  • I’ll be continuing to try and help the salmon situation out in the Northwest with the creation of a new dataset of onsite septics and an analysis thereof.
  • Other projects as they come in

Here’s to hoping everyone’s New Year is full and productive. Let us know what you will be up to!

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