Friday Geo Roundup

A selection of interesting geo events occurring over the past week and other things I’m taking note of.


At the beginning of this week Brian Timoney, Chris Helm*, and Steve Citron-Pousty hosted JSGEO13 in Denver, an informal conference on geospatial applications of JavaScript.¬†Despite the extreme cold we were experiencing here in Colorado, the meeting (which I wasn’t at) seemed to be well attended and quite a success. I highly recommend this summary by Peter Batty, which includes tons of links to the presentations and other supporting material.



Esri and David Allen have produced an update to the GIS Tutorial series for ArcGIS 10.1 that is now available. I have recommended this series in the past and still do so wholeheartedly. I am especially fond of the second book in the series, which steps through many of the analytical capabilities of ArcMap and how to go about using them. This book is a must-have for those using ArcMap for analysis. Even though it is an ArcMap tutorial book, I think you could still use it to learn what is possible with regard to GIS analysis, even if you don’t use ArcMap.


If you haven’t browsed Esri’s Storytelling with Maps¬†gallery in a while, you should head on over there to see what they’ve got. I like how there is a common look and feel to all the maps, while still allowing for the variation that is needed for maps with such disparate subjects. You can download the story map templates to achieve the same professional appeal for your organization.

*Cartographer’s Toolkit showcases a webmap made by Chris Helm!

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