The Week: A Wrap-up

  • If you didn’t read The Economist this week then you missed out on a great two page article on infographics titled “Winds of change” and—you guessed it—featuring the Viégas and Wattenberg Wind Map as well as new books by Nathan Yau (@flowingdata), Simon Rogers, and James Ball and Valentine D’Efilippo. Near the end of the article we have admonitions not to let graphics obscure information and not to create “visual gibberish”. If you didn’t read it in print, not to worry, you can read the article here.

  • The Esri UC was a great conference. My most popular tweet for the week wound up being “Maps reveal patterns that would otherwise be concealed.”– James Fallows #esriucI didn’t set out to tweet the plenary events but occasionally there was a quote that I just had to tweet. and the Roosevelt High School students were the surprise hit, captivating the audience. Speaking of the audience, have you ever been in a room with 10,000+ chairs?

I picked up one of the Globe People at the Esri store to help out @Ladyofthestars. Her aim is to get pictures of it all around the world, from people who will post them on twitter and elsewhere with the #globeman hashtag. Hopefully this pic, taken as I was leaving the San Diego airport yesterday, helps the cause:

Speaking of the Esri store, it was great to see my two favorite cartography books on display…

  • In other news, I was in my first running race of any kind and attended my first ever professional sporting event. Never mind that I was slow in the former and had no idea what was going on in the latter, but just as in mapping, you have to start somewhere…


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