Friday Cartography Notes

Just a few short notes for this Friday:

  • Follow Mike Bostock on twitter. He’s the d3js guy and the NY Times Graphics Editor.
  • You might have seen my video on using QGIS to enter in the SF Bike Share Open Data Challenge. Here’s the blog post to go with it and here are the winners of the challenge. I was disappointed not to see much geo / mapping going on in the entries.
  • A lot of geo people still don’t get projections. Who can blame them. If you want a really good intro to projections, I have to recommend the treatment of it in several chapters of Dent’s book. I don’t normally recommend this book since it is quite dry, but if you are willing to get into the weeds of the subject, this would be the best place to start. I’ll recommend my own chapter on projections once the 2nd edition is published (May 22!).

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