The Colors For Maps Booklet

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I’ve been so busy over the last couple of days getting everything set for the debut of “Colors For Maps,” my newest publication. It’s a 40 page booklet containing 30 color palettes chosen for their usefulness in map designs of many types.

So far, these are the review comments I’ve gotten:
“This is well worth the $10 Gretchen is charging for the booklet. Maybe next we can persuade Gretchen to come out with a poster that we can print on our plotters.” Amanda Taub, GIS Analyst, GISP (via the LoneGISPro group)

“I would use this information in this book. We are constantly making quick prints for executives (Governor or Legislature). There is an art and a science to portraying the information appropriately and you only get one brief chance to get it right. We have used [an online color-picking site] for several years…but it doesn’t always give us exactly what we need. This booklet takes the next step.” Learon Dalby, Geo Program Manager, State of Arkansas (via email).

“Just bought it…Nice!” @fgcartographix (via twitter).

For those who have already purchased the booklet, please do let me know either in the comments or via email what you think of it.

Special thanks goes out to the peer-editors, which are listed on the booklet page. But also I need to make sure that my web designer – Becky Dobbins – gets full credit for the wonderful job she did setting up the booklet page and making sure it interfaces with PayPal and Google Checkout (you can pay via credit card with PayPal too) with a seamless and secure check-out.

I’ll write more about the making of the booklet in future posts. For now I am going to sit back, relax, and enjoy this vanilla with vanilla cupcake my husband bought me to celebrate the booklet being done…finally. :)

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  1. #1 by Mark on November 2, 2010 - 8:12 pm

    I’m excited to check this out. I haven’t bought it yet but will in the next day or two.

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