New book, talk, etc.

A couple of news announcements and more:

  • I will have a new book out early next year, co-authored with the QGIS whiz Anita Graser, titled QGIS Map Design. It focuses on teaching QGIS map design through recipes on how to create beginner, advanced, and expert level maps. And we’re not just talking regular, run-of-the-mill map designs: these are modern maps made with modern techniques.
  • I’ll be giving a keynote on Cartography in the Modern World at MGUG next week, along with what appears to be quite a great line-up of speakers. I’m looking forward to it!
  • I still haven’t written up a review of The Map Thief, a book I read months ago and intended to review. It’s a fantastic book for those wanting to learn more about historic maps as the stories told about how some of these old exploration maps came to be are the most intriguing parts of the book. I didn’t find the main story (about the map thief himself) to be quite as interesting, but that’s probably due to my nerdiness concerning the maps and their history out-competing the main story line. I believe this book makes a good addition to the cartographer’s library.
  • This Spain tourist map was tweeted this week and deserves a look from anyone concerned with creating amazing webmap designs / information graphics.

    BBVA Tourism


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