GIS Coffee

Do you want to order some coffee for a good cause? is taking orders, for the next 6 weeks only, for GIS-y branded coffee and mugs. It’s a project coming out of the  excellently executed and always supportive #GISTribe discussion that happens on twitter every Wednesday.

The coffee just went on sale yesterday and is already generating a lot of buzz. (Pun not intended–after all I haven’t actually received my coffee yet). I went ahead and ordered The Experience package, which looks to consist of:


I bought this package myself, this is not a paid or sponsored post. I just wanted to help out. I can’t say what the coffee is like yet since we don’t actually get the orders for another 6 weeks. But these are good people behind this thing and I’m hopeful!


If you want to order, use the special code Nathan Saylor agreed to give the readers of this blog: QMD at checkout for 10% off.

After reading through the website I still had some additional questions about, and asked them of Saylor. I’ll reprint the questions and answers here for your edification as well!

  • So all orders get fulfilled at basically the same time? Yes, except for the GIS Day shipping orders which is an option for an additional $15 and must be ordered by Nov. 2.
  • This is a one-time kind of thing, you can only order within those 6 weeks and then no more? At this time, yes. This is our first try at something like this. If we meet or exceed our goal, we will likely do this or something like it again next year. But there are no plans to do this full-time.
  • I understand the dream of a coffee shop for geo people but are you actually doing something physically? Like a brick and mortor? (Gretchen’s question clarification: I thought maybe they had all gotten together on a regular basis in real life.) No plans for that, but I think that would be a pretty hard sell unless it would be in D.C., Boulder, CO, or Redlands, CA.
  • Like will the hashtag be used one day at a special time for all of us to drink our coffee at the same time and chat on twitter? I hadn’t thought of that, but it isn’t necessary. #GISTribe chats every Wednesday at 12pm Pacific regardless of choice beverage.
  • Also, what does the music have to do with it? You don’t have coffee shops in your area that have live music? (Gretchen’s response: no, I live in a cave and I’ve never heard music in my life. Gretchen’s non-snarky response: I figured out that with The Experience package they also send you some music.)
  • Whom does the money go to? Will there be profit? Our initial goal is $300 to cover general web costs, but more to promote #GISTribe in the geo community. For example, Nathan Heazlewood (@nheazlewood) held a #GISTribe event at the Esri UC this past year. We did a live chat projected and it was a lot of fun. He supplied refreshments, but I felt it would be better if we had an expense account for those sorts of things. I’m already thinking in the spring we could get some lanyards and maybe some other items made up for conference season. Also, when #GISTribe was first starting out, Emily (@wildlifegisgirl) would offer prizes for contests. Those were paid for out of pocket and as a result, have tapered off. We’d like to bring prizes back starting with this event. Profit-wise? Beyond our goal, we will donate to  who organizes mappers such as ourselves in humanitarian mapping efforts in disaster-hit areas. Setting up a scholarship fund is also on our radar. We haven’t set this up as an NPO at this point, but we’re definitely of that mindset. Any more questions or want clarification? Send them along. Thanks!

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