New and Noteworthy

On you’ll find an article about David B. Sparks’ election data animation: Stunning Animated Time-Lapse Map of Red-Blue America 1920-2008. According to Sparks, the map is more telling than a choropleth map because it does not use political boundaries as the organizing unit and instead uses isarithmic shading to show partisan intensity.

The International Cartographic Association has a map of the month feature. For November 2010 they feature the “Atlas of Canada International Polar Year Circumpolar Map.” It’s a circle! Be sure to click the full screen button to see the map up-close.

A map of Facebook friendships was recently produced by Paul Butler. He weighted the lines between cities – had coordinates of the cities and plotted lines between them – according to data on friendship density between those cities. Very interestingly, he apparently did the majority, and perhaps all, of the work in R.

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