Valentine’s Day Map Coloring Page

A few years ago I created this coloring page for my first grader’s classroom. I imagine it could be used for 1st through 3rd grade though. Please feel free to download it and give it to your kids and their classes. You’ll notice there’s no company name on this as that would have tainted the educational/fun purpose.

Since I’ve already used this coloring page in years past I’ve decided that I’ll do something different this year. To that end, I just ordered some inkjet stickers that I hope to print this map on (though I will make it in color since they won’t be coloring it). The hope is that the kids can staple one sticker to each valentine card that they hand out instead of candy. I’ll write a post on this when it gets done.

By the way – this is in a Bonne projection, which hasn’t really been in serious cartographic use for several hundred years. The text is in Comic Sans but it’s okay you typophiles . . . it’s for kids!

To get the pdf:

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