GISCI Poster Contest

Reprinted from the GISCI newsletter:


We are pleased to announce our first annual map contest!  We are seeking anyone who can incorporate our existing database of nearly 5,000 GISPs and generate a high quality cartographic representation of our member distribution.  If you are up for a map design challenge, please enter!

Prizes: 1st Place – $500, 2nd Place – $250, 3rd Place – $100, People’s Choice – $500, plus honorable mentions.  Each winner will also have their initial certification fee waived if the application is submitted within one year of the date the winners are announced.  Current GISPs will have their renewal fees waived at their next recertification date.


  • Roger Tomlinson, GISP – Father of GIS
  • Gretchen Peterson, GISP – Renowned cartographer
  • Kirk Eby, GISP – Treasurer of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society

Please visit our website for more details.  Submissions will be accepted from March 1-31, 2011.


Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a link to the “more details” referenced above. If you have the link please share it in the comments. When I saw the title they gave me – renowned cartographer – I have to say I was mighty pleased. (Nothing like a little flattery to get someone to judge a contest!)

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