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Seeking Maps With Projection Stories

I’m currently writing a chapter on projections to be published in an upcoming book. I’m seeking submittals of maps for potential inclusion but WITH THE CATCH that you have to tell me how you went about choosing the projection for the map. This is to teach people how we cartographers pick a suitable projection based on the following variables: map purpose (which informs the distortion in area, angle, distance, and direction that we are willing to compromise on), scale, directionality (east-west, north-south), map user familiarity with the projection, and location (poles vs. equator for example).

Not all of these aspects need to be addressed in your particular choice of projection, but at least a few do need to have been involved in your decision. The map will probably be published as well, so it has to be non-copyrighted. The map will be published in a very small format, maybe as small as 3″ by 3″ so it need not be detailed or it may be just a piece of the map. I’ll be considering anywhere from 1 to 4 maps and their associated narratives for the book. You don’t have to do the writing, I’ll do that part as long as you can at least list out your decision making process.

Please use the “Contact” link in the right sidebar to email me with inquiries. Thank you!